What’s New? Dr. Gary’s Best Breed Holistic – Dog and Cat Foods

New to our Pet department this week is Dr. Gary’s Best Breed dog and cat foods. We were excited to learn about this brand just a few weeks ago and even more excited to find out about how many of our customer’s already know about the product and it’s holistic benefits. We are pleased to stock 9 varieties of dog food and 2 cat varieties in various sizes. If interested, stop by for a free sample to make sure that your furry friend will tolerate the switch to Dr. Gary’s!

What makes Dr. Gary’s Best Breed pet foods so great?

Veterinarian-Developed – The brand was founded by Dr. Gary Cotton back in 1994, after discovering many nutritionally-induced health conditions in the pets that he would see at his office. It was determined that altering the diets of these animals would positively affect the pet and their owner, as they would share a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Healthy, Beneficial Ingredients – Each ingredient used in Dr. Gary’s formulas must be of the highest quality and must contribute to the overall health of the diet. This means that there are no fillers, animal by-products or artificial anythings in a bag of Dr. Gary’s pet food.

A Commitment to Holistic Health - Every one of Dr. Gary’s Best Breed formulas has been derived from “common sense nutrition”. Each variety is committed to the short and long term health of your pet. No corners are cut to control cost and the quality of these foods. This was the founding philosophy of Dr. Gary’s pet foods 20 years ago, and it has not changed to this day.

For more information on the particular varieties we carry, please visit our featured brand page on the Best Breed pet food.

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