What’s New: C2 Paints – Luxurious Handcrafted Paints

New to our store are the high quality, artist-grade paints from C2! Founded in 1998 on quality, C2 has remained as a leader in the industry in both color and paint technology. What makes C2 paints a favorite among professionals and interior designers?

The most unique aspect of C2 paint is their full spectrum colors! Each of their 496 colors contain no black for truly luminous color. Black doesn’t sound bad, but it absorbs light rather than reflecting it and the result is a muted color. Each color is made from at least 3 colorants, plus white. This color complexity allows each color to reflect natural light and helps a room come to life. Lastly, the full spectrum colors from C2 use only artisan-grade, granular pigments that help achieve a luxurious feel when applied.


C2 is committed to helping you choose the perfect color. As a result, every sample is oversized (about 2-3 times larger than your normal color swatch). Also, each sample is made from 100% real paint, so you are guaranteed an exact color match between the sample and the gallon of freshly mixed paint.

Superior coverage is achieved from all 496 colors. Tests have been performed where a single coat of C2 paint is applied over white and black walls. C2’s ratio is 0.994 different, which means that telling the difference is almost impossible with the naked eye. As a result, 2 coats is always enough to completely hide the previous colors on the walls (and one coat can sometimes be enough too!).

Lastly, C2 paints offer terrific fade resistance! The use of high quality, granular, light fast pigments makes every color from C2’s palette resistant to fading. They are great for harsh conditions where typical colors will fade and lose their brilliance. C2 exterior paints are made to withstand color changes despite the harshest of sunlight and exterior conditions.

We invite you to stop by and see the beautiful new display of C2 paints in our Paints Department. We think that you will be very impressed with their large paint samples and great selection of earthy color tones.

As always… thanks for reading about what’s new!

Derek Satterfield


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