What’s New: A Truly Fast Draining Cactus Soil

New to our Garden department this spring is BlackGold cactus soil. I am quite excited about this product, because cactus and succulents are some of my favorites when it comes to houseplants. In fact, I think that we have succulents in every room of our house at this very moment! We love these plants since they are relatively low maintenance and come in so many different shapes and sizes. There is just one problem… we can not get toooo attached to any one plant, because chances are that we will eventually over-water the plant and root rot will eventually cause the plant to die completely. :(

Recently, I have learned that typical “cactus” soils are not what these plants need. The high peat content that is present in typical cactus or all purpose potting mix is the exact ingredient that you want to avoid when it comes to the majority of cacti and succulents. Why you ask? Peat moss fails to dry out quickly and, as a result, causes the short roots of cacti to rot completely.

Now for the good stuff… the NEW BlackGold cactus soil has NO peat moss, and instead uses primarily pumice/perlite, and bark. These two ingredients provide excellent drainage, that prevent the short root bases of these succulents from rotting. Plus the pumice mixture provides a good, sturdy base for cacti and succulents to sink their feet into!

If you have had trouble with rotting cacti plants and are looking for a better mixture, we highly recommend that you try this ready-to-go, pumice/bark mixture from BlackGold. Available in 8 quart bags in our Garden department.


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