What will we blog about?

With the launch of our new website we will be offering a variety of content on our website, including sale and promotional items, a special events calendar, general store info, contact information, a blog, etc.
The blog entries will be grouped into four different themes:

  • Spend a Little – Save a Lot > featuring products that don’t cost a lot relative to the amount they will save you down the line.
  • Now’s the Time too…. > Will feature what tasks you should be taking care of at the given time of the year.
  • What’s Trending? > If 10 people are asking about something, chances are many more of our customers have the same question. We will save you the hassle of asking and give you the answer in our blog post.
  • What’s New? > Will feature the HOT new items that we are bringing in.

In addition to the website, we will also be launching an email service and Facebook page. The email service will offer updates to store sales, special events, exclusive coupons and other website content updates. The Facebook page will provide an ongoing dialog between our customers and us, monthly contests, etc. Be sure to like our Facebook page, so you get our periodic update on your news board. You won’t want to miss all the free stuff we will be giving away!
We hope you’re just as excited as I am for all the new electronic content we are launching as we catch up with everyone else online!

Brett Satterfield

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