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Fatwood Firestarters

Fatwood firestarters are an easy-to-use, all natural firestarter that is very versatile. Use them indoors or out in fireplaces, fire pits, barbecues, chimeneas, wood and pellet stoves, or campfires. Unlike alternatives, there are no chemicals added to these sticks. The light quickly with a match and are 100% all natural.

How is Fatwood made? Fatwood is harvested from the stump of a pine tree. Over time naturally occurring resins accumulate within the stump and give Fatwood excellent fire starting capabilities. No live trees are cut to make Fatwood firestarters, so they are environmentally friendly as well!

How are they used? Simply crisscross 2-3 fire sticks and light with a match. Allow for a little bit of airflow and before long you will be up and running.

Fatwood firestarters are available in our Hardware department year-round in a multitude of sizes.

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