Spend a Little – Save a Lot: The Magic Eraser makes problems go away

A little scuff there, a little mark there. The Magic Eraser was made for these exact scenarios. I’m sure that many of you have heard about Mr. Clean’s Magic Erasers. This unique sponge has some special powers and it is safe to use on almost any surface. It wasn’t until recently that my wife and I have been using Magic Erasers on more and more surfaces… all with good results.

First we used it to get rid of pencil marks on painted surfaces. These were guidelines and scribbles that we used to help us make a sign for our recent wedding. In trying to figure out the product to use, the Magic Eraser came to mind and we thought… “what do we have to lose?” We rubbed lightly on the pencil marks and they were gone just like that! We have a video below for you to see the Eraser in action.

More recently, we have been using the Magic Erasers in the kitchen to help clean our porcelain ceramic sink. We have used them on our walls to get rid of pencil and pen marks that were used to help hang items on the wall. They are great for bathrooms and most any hard surface. We have even used them for some plastic items that again got some marks on them.

These sponges are easy to use… simply wet, squeeze, and then scrub to remove stains. So if some of these scenarios sound familiar, we would recommend using the Magic Eraser from Mr. Clean… it looks like a sponge, but cleans like MAGIC!


Mr. Clean Magic Eraser - in action

Watch the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser move pencil marks that were used as guidelines on this doit ourself project. Just when we were out of ideas for removing pencil marks, the Magic Eraser came to the rescue and did a wonderful job.

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