Spend a Little – Save a Lot: Kill and PREVENT Weeds

So many of us battle with weeds that magically grown up between pavers, bricks, stones, sidewalks, and driveways. What seems like a small crevice can grow unsightly weeds at all times during the growing season. Typical weed killers will do a great job at killing what is visible, but they don’t do anything for preventing them from regrowing in a couple of weeks. Now there is a better way to kill and prevent weeds from these areas and it is by using products such as Round-up Extended Control or Ortho GroundClear.

These products will quickly kill all sorts of weeds and grass that are growing in these unsightly areas. But when applied to the vulnerable cracks and crevices or vacant soil areas, these products will also prevent new weeds from germinating. The result is beautiful looking walkways, gravel areas, and sidewalks with only one application of weed control.

Personally I have found these product to be highly effective. I had my doubts at first because I questioned how much preventative is really soaking into the soil and remaining effective, but the difference is very apparent! With a gravel driveway, when Ortho GroundClear was applied to the entire area, I was able to kill existing weeds and prevent new weeds for up to 12 months! Since it is later in the growing season, we often recommend the Round-Up Extended Control, which will kill and prevent for up to 4 months (just enough time to get us through to the winter months). The key with all of these preventative products is that they must be applied to the areas that you want to prevent weeds, even if no weeds are visible in that area presently.

Save time and money when controlling weeds in sidewalks, driveways, stone paths, between pavers, and more with the use of a kill and PREVENT weed control. Please visit our Lawn and Garden department for more information on these products. Our sales clerks are always here to help you with any questions you may have!

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