Spend a Little – Save a Lot: Adjustable Plant Supports Save Plants and Headaches

Plants come in all shapes and sizes, so why are plant supports limited to only a few options? Thanks to Peacock plant supports, this is no longer the case. Peacock garden supports are adjustable and customizable! They grow with your plant and you can add on to them as your needs change throughout your garden.


How they work: Peacock garden supports are a pretty simple concept actually and any one can use them. The basis for their system are heavy duty galvanized steel plant stakes that are coated with a dark green vinyl coating for appearance. Each stake comes with one adjustable coupler that can slide up and down the stake so that your plant is supported just where it is needed the most! This coupler can hold any one of their rings, border supports, or grids, which allows you to choose what is best based for your particular plant! Try a 20″ grid for large daisy plants, or maybe a large 25″ ring for a peony plant. If you are looking to support a sunflower, the tall 60″ stake with a 6″ ring works great! If you have a row of plants and what to keep them off of your driveway, try one of Peacock’s border edge supports. There are over 20 different rings/grids to choose from, so there is truly something for every situation.

Made from high quality materials, Peacock plant supports are designed to be used year after year. Don’t worry about your beautiful flowering plants any longer… with Peacock plant supports, you can provide the support that your plants need at just the right location throughout the growing season. There is even an indoor solution which is great for orchids, amaryllis bulbs, lilies, and so much more. For more information please stop by our store or view the Peacock Plant Supports website.

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