Helpful Tip: Sharpen mower blades when grass begins to shred

It often goes unnoticed, but it is important to look at how well your lawn mower blade is cutting each time you mow. Once grass blades begin to look “shredded” on the tips, it is time to get your blade resharpened! Take a look at the picture to the right for an example of shredded grass tips.

In general, I find it necessary to sharpen the blade on my mower every 1 to 2 years. My lawn is about 5,000 sq feet and it is the only lawn that the mower is used for. If you are cutting multiple lawns or larger lawns, then you might have to sharpen your mower blade more frequently. If you tend to hit lots of roots or rocks, then the blades may need sharpened more frequently, as well.

It is important to keep mower blades sharp, since a clean cut does less damage to your lawn, prevents the loss of nutrients and reduces the damage caused by the sun. If you aren’t sure if your mower blade is dull… just look at the freshly cut grass blades the next time you mow. When they start to shred… it is time to sharpen!

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