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PEACH TRUCK7/23/16 – Georgia Peach – Fresh from the Farms Sale – 11 am to 1 pm:  The Peach Truck will be returning to our store for a second visit on this Saturday.  If you missed out the first time, or just want some more of these delicious, tree-ripe, freestone Georgia peaches, you will not want to miss this event.  These are not your usual “fresh” peaches at the grocery store that are plucked before they are actually ripe.  Instead, these peaches are harvested just as they turn ripe, they are boxed on the truck, and then rushed up North to our location and others.  Plus, they are sold for a bargain, in-season price!  If you love peaches, be sure to mark your calendars for this day and show up early to get in line.  Peaches will be sold by the 1/2 bushel (25 lb box) only.  They are perfect for eating, baking, canning, and freezing!!  Samples will be served.  Credit card sales are preferred.  For more information on The Peach Truck, please visit their website.


8/13/16 – Adopt a Pet Day – 10 am to 2 pm:  Every summer we look forward to this exciting day at our store!  The Western PA Humane Society will be hosting an adoption clinic at our store.  There will be lots of dogs and cats all looking for a new loving home.  We invite you to stop by if you have been considering adoption.  As always, we will have local pet food representatives on hand and we will be passing out pet food samples of many of the varieties we sell in our store everyday.  We hope to have other local area rescue groups present as well… please check back for more details when they are available.

weber summit demo7/16/16  POSTPONED – NEW DATE TBD – Weber Summit Charcoal Demo Day:  Join us this Saturday for our very first introduction of the Weber Summit Charcoal grill.  New this April from Weber, this grill is the ultimate charcoal grill.  Features a huge 24.5″ round cooking surface, an propane ignition system, Rapidfire heat adjustments for precise temperature control, and heavy duty, no-rust components throughout!  This is truly a life-long grill and one that can grill, smoke, sear, and even bake.  Stop by to sample some food cooked on the Summit Charcoal and learn about all it’s features.


Notable Past Events


7/9/16 – Big Green Egg Demo Day – 11 am to 2 pm:  We were grilling pizzas for about 3 hours.  We hope you had a chance to stop by and to get a look at the Big Green Egg in action.  Recap:  The pizzas from the grill were as tasty as ever.  Doug was a one-man kitchen outside, rolling out the pizza doughs, sprinkling the toppings, and baking them in the oven.  The Big Green Egg creates a create convection baking enviroment with the addition of its ConvEggtor accessory that deflects all of the heat to the edges and prevents burning of the crust.  Pizzas are one of our favorite items to cook on the Big Green Egg, and we hope that you were able to enjoy some of our creations.

6/11/16 – Weber Grill Demonstration Day:  Jeremy from Weber was here grilling up some tasting food on the Weber Genesis E-310 grill.   Recap:  First it was pizza, then it was pierogies, then it was cookies and buffalo chicken dip!  Everything was delicious, so we hope that you got a little sampling of just how versatile a Weber gas grill can be and just how easy it is to control the heat depending on what you are cooking.

5/30/16 – Memorial Day Hot Dog Sale:  Immediately following the South Hills Memorial Day Association’s parade, we will have fresh, hot grilled hot dogs and cold drinks available for just $1.50.  All proceeds will benefit Puppies Behind Bars, an organization dedicated to training service dogs to help disabled and wounded veterans, as well as explosive detection sniffing dogs for lawn enforcement.  Recap: All 500 grilled hot dogs sold and with your generous donations, we were able to raise $800 for Puppies Behind Bars.  We thank everyone that was able to stop by and make this great event a success once again!  We look forward to keeping this tradition alive year after year.

4/16/16 – Jonathan Green and the New American Lawn:  An educational day filled with a bunch of questions and answers, not to mention perfect weather for getting a start on your lawn this spring.  Recap: The President of the Jonathan Green company helped customers in our lawn and garden department throughout the afternoon and provided us all with some great information!  The New American Lawn program is the only lawn fertilizer program that feeds both your lawn and your SOIL.  This is the new and improved way to look at lawn care and building a lawn that is green and sustainable, year after year.  Stop in to our store to learn more, or visit the Jonathan Green website.

8/22/15 – Adopt a Pet Day:  Every summer we look forward to this exciting day at our store!  The Western PA Humane Society will be in store and will bring a variety of dogs and cats to meet that are looking for a new loving home.  We also had the Golden Retreivers in Need rescue and the Forever Beagle Home stop by and bring light to their efforts.   Recap: The sun was shining and pets were all around! Our Adopt A Pet day went tremendously well once again. The Humane Society had 3 kittens and one dog adopted from our sight. Golden Retrievers in Need found 3 pet lovers to adopt some of their golden retrievers that are at their no-kill shelter in Ohio, so I’m sure that we will be meeting these loving canines shortly! Forever Beagle Home Rescue brought several Beagles and spoke to potential adopters all day, and we expect these connections to lead to a few more adoptions in the coming months. Thanks to all that stopped by to make this event a huge success once again, and a special thanks to all those that made generous donations to each of the groups in attendance!

6/16/15  – Blue Buffalo Pet Food Truck:  For the first time, we are excited to welcome the Blue Buffalo pet food truck.  This mobile event truck is be handing out samples and coupons for their dog and cat foods.  Representatives from the company will also be in attendance, so bring all of the questions that you might have.  Blue Buffalo is fast becoming one of our most popular pet food brands.  They make top quality dog and cat food and treats, all with no by-product.  Recap: The first visit from the Blue Buffalo pet food truck went off without a hitch.  There was a little bit of rain that interrupted the day, but the sales reps were able to talk to many customers and inform them about the Blue Buffalo brand.  Their truck is typically present at BMX events on the weekends, so we were very grateful that the truck was able to spend so much time at our store during a busy schedule.  Visit our facebook page for a look at their mobile event truck, it was literally a blue buffalo with the horns and everything!