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What’s Trending? A doormat that can truly last 10 years

Cape Cod Doormats are “breaking down the doors” when it comes to long lasting, durability.  In fact, we received calls frequently from customers that are replacing their doormat for the first time in 10, 15, or even 20 years! How can a doormat last this one, when others often last 6 months or a year?  […]

What’s Trending? Spiders, Ants, Millipedes and More Are Invading Our Homes

Spring is here, rains are frequent, and bugs are active… a little too active for many of us!  We have been hearing from many of you that crawling bugs, such as spiders, ants, millipedes, waterbugs, etc. are being found all over the house.  They are frequently in the ground floor and basements, but their presence […]

What’s Trending? Miele Vacuums are Top in Customer Satisfaction

Miele has always been know to make some of the best vacuums on the market.  In our opinion, they are the best money can buy!  Recent reviews on a popular review focused website as well as well-known publications, have Miele canister and upright vacuums bringing home awards. If you are a fan of canister vacuums, […]

What’s Trending? Feed your Soil for a Better Lawn

Not impressed with the results you are getting out of your lawn fertilizers?  Looking for that secret ingredient to improve your lawn and keep it green all year long?  Consider using Jonathan Green’s Magical and Love Your Lawn, Love Your Soil.  These two products feed your soil, not your grass.  Traditional fertilizers only provide nutrients […]

What’s Trending? Dog Safety and Ice Melters

Despite the cold temperatures, our dogs still need to go outside for walks, run around in the yard, or at the very least… do their business.  As a result, our pets are coming into contact with ice melter in some form or fashion.  In this article, we try to highlight some of the key points […]

What’s Trending: Humidifiers and Their Many Benefits

Now that the cold air is upon us, our heating systems are up and running and the air inside our homes is becoming quite dry.  When humidity levels inside our homes reach as low as 10-20%, many of us suffer from dry or itchy skin, nosebleeds, scratchy throats, cracked lips, or even the increased appearance […]

What’s Trending: Battery Operated Lights

Every year, we seem to get more and more requests for battery operated lights.  The good news on this front, is that improvements are made each year and more options continue to be available!  5-10 years ago, battery operated lights were not practical.  You would spend $5 on batteries and the lights would literally last […]

What’s Trending? Autoseal Travel Mugs from Contigo

Did you know that we stock Contigo travel containers?  Their unique products are some of the most sought-after thermoses around!  And their patented autoseal mugs are the top of the line when it comes to heat retention and ease-of-use. As the name suggests, the autoseal mouth closes automatically in-between sips, preventing spills and locking in […]

What’s Trending? A Better Drought Tolerate Grass Seed

Our Jonathan Green grass seed mixtures might be the best seed that money can buy!  Why is this you say?  Well, each Jonathan Green mixture includes some Black Beauty tall fescue.  This turf-grade tall fescue is unique to Jonathan Green and it results in a dark green lawn created by a fine bladed grass that […]

What’s Trending? A Better Ironing Board from Brabantia

Are you sick and tired of flimsy, wobbling ironing boards that feel like they are going to collapse with the smallest amount of weight?  Brabantia ironing boards are far from wobbly, in fact, they are the highest quality ironing board that we have ever come across! With Brabantia, you no longer have to hassle with […]