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What’s Trending? Freeze Protection Cables

This month, we have been experiencing lots of arctic air and sub-freezing temperatures.  And as always with these temperatures, we are talking to many customers about frozen water pipes and how best to prevent them in the future.  Many of us have been told to leave our faucets running when frigid temperatures are expected… but […]

What’s Trending? Battery-Operated LED Window Candles Eliminate Frustrating Electrical Cords

Every year, we hear the same frustrating stories regarding electrical window candles.  They look great, but the maze of electric cords and the concern of them burning close to window curtains or being tipped over by children or pets can worry us through the holidays.  Now, there is a realistic, bright, and high quality battery-operated […]

What’s Trending? WeatherTech Floor Liners Protect Your Car’s Interior

Typical car mats seem to only last a couple of years, and the winter takes the biggest toll on their appearance.  The snow, ice, and salt discolor our car mats and can become an eye sore quickly in new cars.  Consider installing WeatherTech floor liners for the winter, or better yet, keep them installed year […]

What’s Trending? Put an End to Clogged Gutters – Simple DIY Solutions

As leaves fall and collect on our roofs and in our gutters, most of us are not looking forward having to clean them out again before winter.  Clog gutters can be the origin of many problems, including water damage to basements, snow and ice damage that drip inside interior walls, mosquito breeding, wasp nests, dangerous […]

What’s Trending? MACE for back to school

If you’re sending a son or daughter off to college for the first time it can be a little nerve racking.  You’re trying to get everything ready from clothes, to dorm stuff, to the finances, etc.  However, if it’s a daughter you’re sending off, there is the added concern of safety.  I don’t want to […]

What’s Trending? Fungus Gnats are a “Little” BIG Nuisance Indoors

As our houseplants are thriving, so too are fungus gnats!  More often than not, these are the little black gnats that are flying around in your home, hanging out next to your windows, doors, computers, kitchen, or anywhere houseplants are kept.  Even though these gnats can be a big nuisance and are often hard to […]

What’s Trending? Charles Viancin Food Covers

Whether it be a party, or just nightly leftovers, there always seems to be food to put away in the fridge.  You could repack everything in Tupperware containers, but that takes a lot of time, so most of the time people choose to just cover all their leftover bowls and dishes with aluminum foil or […]

What’s Trending? Scare Birds Away from Unwanted Areas

While most of us love their presence in song, birds can be quite the pest here early in the spring.  Spring is mating season for so many birds that have made the trek to more northern climates.  These birds are trying to be noticed and many are trying to build a nest near your porch […]

What’s Trending? Raised Garden Beds – New Take on Growing Vegetables

Now is a great time to plant vegetables and herbs outside, however the heavy clay and acidic soils that we have around Western PA can be harsh to grow abundant gardens.  As a result, raised garden beds and container gardening are becoming more and more popular with homeowners.  Here are some reasons that you should […]

What’s Trending? Winter Burn Causes Evergreens to Loose Their Green Color

We have been getting a bunch of questions from customers regarding the browning on evergreens this spring.  It is wide spread and has affected evergreens of all types, including arborvitae, English ivy, boxwood, juniper, cypress, holly, and rhododendrons.  What is the cause of this browning of leaves you might ask?  It is called winter burn […]