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What’s Trending? Test your home’s tap water for lead

There has been much talk locally about lead contamination in our tap water, and it’s been estimated that up to 25% of the homes in the city could be drinking water that is polluted with high levels of lead.  This can led to a host of health issues, and are the most concerning for children, […]

What’s Trending? The Big Green Egg Provides Versatility & Incredible BBQ Flavor

So what makes a Big Green Egg so special? Many of you have heard about the egg or have seen them in our store, but are they really worth the money? The Big Green Egg is the grill of a lifetime and will never corrode or rust through like some gas grills.  The heavy duty […]

What’s Trending? Coco Doormats Perform During All Seasons

The all natural look of our natural coco fiber doormats have long been a favorite among our customers.  “They look great in front of any home, no matter the style!”  We love these natural coco mats so much, that we stock them in 6 different styles; including a low profile doormat that measures only 7/8″ […]

What’s Trending? 40 Volt Cordless Lithium Yard Tools

Over the last two years, we have seen an increasing popularity of battery operated tools for around the house and in the garden.  The increase has much to do with the tremendous power and quick charge capabilities of the new 40 volt lithium batteries.  Gone are the days that you only buy cordless for the […]

What’s Trending? How to protect early spring blooms from frosty nights

Since we have had unseasonably warm weather in February, we are beginning to see spring bulbs, such as crocus, hyacinths, and daffodils emerge from our gardens.  It won’t be long before we see tulips as well. Protect these spring blooms and others from a late winter frost with the use of blankets, or buckets through […]

What’s Trending? Treat your Cutting Boards and Butcher Blocks with Oil Regularly

Many of us have wooden cutting boards or butcher blocks in the kitchen that we use frequently.  But if you are anything like me, you will forget to treat it with mineral oil on a regular basis.  This simple step will prevent the wood from cracking and help resist stains.  This step is a necessity […]

What’s Trending? Rubber Doormats – The Perfect Choice for Winter

If you are struggling to find a durable, yet functional doormat for the winter months, consider the naturally tough characteristics of a rubber doormat.  My household has 2 doorways that lead directly outside to un-sheltered areas that constantly get impacted by snow and ice.  I have found that the rubber is a material that is […]

What’s Trending? EcoTraction – 100% Safe for Concrete

One of the most frequent questions at this time of the year is “which ice melter is safe to use on our new concrete that was poured this past summer”.  In truth, there is nothing that is 100% safe when it comes to ice melters.  Anytime you use a “safer” product that has no rock […]

What’s Trending: Fatwood Firestarters – The Safe, All Natural Solution

Firestarters are a year-round need.  We use them for fireplaces, fire pits, charcoal grills, and more.  If you are someone that uses firestarters on a regular basis, consider switching to Fatwood firestarters.  This natural alternative to chemical infused starters are safe for you and the environment. How are they made?  Fatwood is harvested from a […]

What’s Trending? Make your artificial tree smell real, with Scentsicles!

Make your artificial tree, wreath, or home “smell like Christmas” with Scentsicles.  These easy to use ornament stick are insured with wonderful Christmas scents that are sure to make your holidays smell more holiday-ish!  Simply hang a few of them on your tree, or bury them inside of centerpieces or wreaths.  The scent will slowly […]