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What’s Trending? InstaFlo Drain Cleaner – The 60 Second Solution To Clogged Drains!

A trusted product amongst professionals, InstaFlo drain cleaner works quickly and without odor to non-clog your sink, shower, or tub drain!  No longer do you have to wait overnight for a drain cleaner to work.  InstaFlo is a non-acid drain cleaner that will liquify hair and grease in as little as 60 seconds!  Better yet, […]

What’s Trending? Don’t Just Fertilize – Improve Your Soil For A Better Lawn

Many of our lawns look great in the spring.  Annual weeds have not had a chance to germinate and our lawns are growing rapidly as a result of the ideal spring temperatures, lack of extremities in both shade and sun, and frequent rainfall.  These favorable spring conditions can cover-up what is truly wrong with our […]

What’s Trending? The First Step For Spring Lawn Care

The question that we get the most at this time of the year is a pretty simple one… What is  the first step for my lawn this spring?  The answer depends on the condition of your lawn, so we have outlined some steps below that are a good course of action in the early spring. […]

What’s Trending? New Choices for Light Bulbs

Now that 2014 is here, we are beginning to see the full effects of the 2007 legislation that has required light bulbs to be more energy efficient than their incandescent ancestors.  Manufacturers are no longer able to produce incandescent light bulbs of 40 watts or higher in most of your common bulb shapes, so it […]

What’s Trending… Musher’s Secret: Winter Paw Protection For Your Dog

Protect your dog’s paws from the uncomfortable and irritating side effects of snow, ice, and rock salt at this time of the year with 100% all natural Musher’s Secret! Musher’s Secret was originally developed for sledding dogs, who needed protection against the extreme conditions and temperatures they were facing in upper Canada.  Once the founders […]

What’s Trending? Ice Melters – Which Product is Best for You

It’s that time of year again.  We are all seemingly using ice melters a couple times each week to combat the snow and ice that is forming on our sidewalks, driveways, decks, and steps.  We have provided this short article to help you choose which ice melter is best for you based on the applied-to […]

What’s Trending? Old gasoline is the main culprit of a hard-to-start engine

The #1 reason for lawnmowers and snowthrowers to be hard-to-start or run rough is the use of old or poor gasoline.  The problems only get worse with power equipment that is used infrequently or as is often the case with a snowthrower, inactivity for more than 6 months!  By following our recommendations below, you will […]

What’s Trending? Stink Bug Control

Well, it is that time of year again!  Stink bugs are highly visible in the fall as they look for ways into your home to survive the cold winter.  As the days get shorter and cooler, stink bugs naturally look for a warm spot to overwinter.  During the fall, you will often see them sunbathing […]

What’s Trending? Cicada Killers

This year has been widely known as a year for the cicada.  For this reason, their main predator, the cicada killer, has been more active and visible in our lawn and gardens.  Cicada killers are a type of solitary wasp that emerge from the ground in July and August to live their brief adult lives […]

What’s Trending? Fruit Flies In Your Kitchen

The summer is in full force and with that comes insects and those pesky fruit flies that invade our kitchens at this time each year.  As a result, we have pulled together a little summary of how to diagnose, treat, and prevent against these common summertime flies. Diagnosis:  Fruit flies are tiny black or brown […]