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What’s New? The iGrill – Bluetooth temperature monitor for you grill

New from Weber are the iGrill bluetooth thermometers!  These thermometers making grilling out AND enjoying your company (or the big game) easier than ever before!  The Weber iGrill app tracks doneness and temperature progression with the included meat probes, so you can check on your food at any time… from anywhere in the house.  If […]

What’s New: A Truly Fast Draining Cactus Soil

New to our Garden department this spring is BlackGold cactus soil. I am quite excited about this product, because cactus and succulents are some of my favorites when it comes to houseplants. In fact, I think that we have succulents in every room of our house at this very moment! We love these plants since […]

What’s New? Genesis II Gas Grills from Weber

New for 2017 are the redesigned Weber Genesis II gas grills.  These might not look a whole lot different from their predecessors, but the improvements are many and they were made to the hardest working components of the grill.  Here is what you can expect on the new Weber Genesis II grills: All Genesis II […]

What’s New: Broil King Gas Grills

Broil King grills are new to our grill line-up for 2017!!!!  We are really excited about these brand new grills, so much so that we decided to use 4 exclamation points on that last sentence.  We are confident that you will like both the value and the performance of each and every model.  For 2017, […]

What’s New: Insulated glass travel mugs from Lifefactory

New to our store are the functional, yet responsible, Lifefactory travel mugs and bottles that are made from glass and wrapped in silicone.  The glass creates an enjoyable drinking experience that is safe for you and safe for the dishwasher!  The silicone provides cushion , comfort, and a pinch of style!  Lifefactory was founded in […]

What’s New? The Improved Way to Hang Garland Around your Door

It’s that time of year again, and soon many of us will be hanging up garland around the front door.  Good ‘ole screws and nails have always been the most reliable and sturdy method to do so.  Now there is an easier way, and one that will not cause holes to be made in the […]

What’s New? A new, brighter battery operated window candle!

Tired of the hassle that wobbly electric window candles pose during the holidays?  Annoyed by the number of extension cords needed to reach all of your windows to illuminated the same electric window candles? Battery operated window candles have been taken to a new level, or shall we say brightness, thanks to the ultra bright […]

What’s New: Flame Boss Temperature Control for Your Smoker/Grill

The Flame Boss is like having “cruise control” for your smoker grill.  A task that would originally require quite a bit of refinement and frequent stops at the grill to ensure the correct smoking temperature has now become easier than ever! How does it work?  The Flame Boss controls the grill temperature with the use […]

What’s New: Stanley insulated drink containers are here

The Penguins may have won the Stanley Cup, but here at Rollier’s, you can buy your very own Stanley “mug”!   New to our store is a huge selection of insulated beverage containers from Stanley.  These are no ordinary mug that insulate for an hour or two, instead you can expect drinks to stay hot for […]

What’s New? Apex Zero-G – A lightweight, flexible hose that will not burst!

After 3 years of selling an expanding hose, we know that customers love the hose, but that love runs out when they burst! It is not the matter of if they will burst, it is more of a question of when. They work and work and work, and then they fail as the expandable inner […]