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What’s New? Pittsburgh Paint Interactive Color Palette

The new Pittsburgh Paints interactive Voice of Color display has redefined how people choice colors for their homes.  The traditional color palette has been reorganized and a new LCD interface has made the experience even more personalized.  We are the first store in the Pittsburgh area to have this new display from PPG Pittsburgh Paints […]

What’s New? LED Household Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs have been available for household applications for several years now, but they were always high priced and not as pleasant to the eye as we would have hoped.  With time, these bulbs have been perfected and the cost has come down with mass production.  We are now excited to offer top quality […]

What’s New? EnviroHold: Locks Mulch in Place

Did the most recent rain storm erode a lot of your mulch? If so, EnviroHold is the answer.  I can attest first hand that it works!  I have some very steep areas that I had given up mulching because the mulch just wouldn’t stay put throughout the year, let alone when we would get a […]

What’s New: Tuff Guard Hose “Unkinkable Hose”

Tired of hoses that state they are kink free, but eventually kink on you? The Tuff Guard Hose is truly an unkinkable hose.  In fact you can even tie the hose in a knot and the water will still run straight through the hose without a problem! The Tuff Guard Hose is made from a […]

What’s New: Love Your Lawn – Love Your Soil “Soil Conditioner”

For most people their lawn care maintenance starts and stops with a 4-Step lawn fertilizer program.  However, if you really want to have a thick green lawn you need to go a few steps further. A 4-Step Program is like treating the symptoms of an illness by medicating a patient as apposed to getting to […]

What’s New?…Win Detergent – Removes Sweat Odor from Synthetic Apparel

Does your athletic apparel still stink even after you wash it?  Traditional detergents are good at removing dirt and stains, but these detergents are not good at getting rid of the stinky sweat smell that can build up in your synthetic athletic apparel. When you sweat the water, electrolytes and organic compounds (oils and fats) […]

What’s New?….Wet & Forget Shower Cleaner – Safe & Easy Mildew Remover

Eew, my shower is getting nasty again.  I guess it is time to get out the stinky bleach spray and clean things up.  Then scrub away at the soap scum. Now you don’t have to go through all that agony!  Simply spray down your shower once a week with Wet & Forget Shower to eliminate […]