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What’s New? Merrick Backcountry Dog Foods – Raw Infused Nutrition

New from Merrick are the Backcountry ancestral canine diets.  These dry dog food recipes combine a protein-rich kibble with freeze-dried real meat pieces.  The combination delivers the nutritional benefits of a raw diet in a convenient recipe that is safe and easy to use. All Merrick Backcountry grain-free recipes have many great benefits: Deboned meat […]

What’s New? Herbaceous Scentz Multi Surface Cleaners

These brand new multi surface cleaners from Herbaceous Scentz smell so good that you will want to clean more.  Not only do they smell great, they clean without toxins.  In fact, they are 100% natural! Herbaceous Scentz is a company founded right here in Pittsburgh, and we are excited to be one of the first […]

What’s New? Weber Summit Charcoal Grill

The newest grill to the Weber lineup is the Summit Charcoal.  This grill is being termed “the grill of a lifetime” and its for good reason!  The Summit Charcoal will never go out of style, it is made of only the highest quality materials, and provides tremendous flexibility for cooking at any temperature.  This barbecue […]

What’s New: Toro TimeMaster 30″ Walk Behind Mower

Toro has bridged the gap between a standard walk behind mower and a riding mower, with their dual blade, 30″ TimeMaster lawn mower for 2016!  For those with large yards and/or busy schedules, you will find that the time-saving capabilities of this mower are worth the extra money.  The 30″ mowing deck reduces mowing time […]

What’s New: C2 Paints – Luxurious Handcrafted Paints

New to our store are the high quality, artist-grade paints from C2!  Founded in 1998 on quality, C2 has remained as a leader in the industry in both color and paint technology.  What makes C2 paints a favorite among professionals and interior designers? The most unique aspect of C2 paint is their full spectrum colors!  […]

What’s New: A Toilet Plunger for All Bowl Shapes!

The Korky Beehive Max toilet plunger has been out for a couple of years now, but it is still not a widely known option in the market today!  The new low flow toilets are great, because they save loads and loads of water each year.  However, the drains on the new toilets have changed from […]

What’s New: Toilet Supply Lines with Metal Connectors

New to our store is a toilet supply with metal connectors.  Some condominiums and apartment buildings are requiring these to be used with any new toilet install.  Why the change?  This is often a requirement now-a-days with apartment complexes because plastic connectors are more likely to break over time and cause a flood to an […]

What’s New: More LED Bulbs – Shapes And Strength

The growth and popularity of LED replacement bulbs has been quite remarkable over the past year.  I can’t say that we are surprised, since LED bulbs offer so many benefits, including a cooler burning light, more energy efficient light (almost 90% savings as compared to incandescent bulbs), tremendous durability (about a 20 year life-expectancy), and […]

What’s New? Greenworks Cordless 40V Snowblower

New to our store for 2016 is the Greenworks cordless electric snowblower, and we are excited for this powerful little unit!  For years, we have sold electric snowblowers, which work well and don’t have trouble starting year after year, but you still had the extension cord to hassle with.  Forget the extension cord with the […]

What’s New? Bissell Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Bissell Commercial vacuum cleaners are now available in our store!  They are the preferred choice of many resorts, restaurants, and professional cleaning services, because of their durability and function.  Even though, we are not stocking every unit they make, we do have some of their most popular units, including the Lightweight Upright, the DayClean Quiet […]