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Spend a Little – Save a Lot: Safely Store Wool Clothing

Now that spring is finally here you won’t need to wear those heavy wool sweaters, or that warm wool blanket until next winter.  If you don’t properly store these items properly, you may be surprised to find holes in the material when using them for the first time next winter!  Not only are expensive wool […]

Spend a Little – Save a Lot: Do-it Yourself Tips to Lower Your Heating Bill

This January, more than in years past, we are battling the bitter cold of winter and with that comes inflated heating bills.  Here are some easy, do-it yourself solutions to reduce your heating bill this winter: Set back your thermostat:  A programmable thermostat is the easiest way to adjust your heat setting depending on the […]

Spend a Little – Save a Lot: Fire and Carbon Monoxide Safety

Our homes may feel safe since they protect us and our belongings from the cold, rain, snow, and wind; however there is more to a safe house than just having locking doors and an alarm system.  Carbon monoxide poisoning causes over 200 deaths a year and fires cause thousands of deaths each year in the […]

Spend a Little – Save a Lot: Restore Your Wood Furniture

We all seem to have a few pieces of furniture that have been a part of our households for as long as we can remember.  These pieces of furniture are typically build like a champ and are still very functional, but over time, have lost their original beauty.  They are often scratched, faded, or show […]

Spend a Little – Save a Lot: Turbo Charge Your Lawn & Garden Chemicals

Have you ever applied a liquid weed control just as the label recommended and not see the results that were advertised?  Or felt that you pretty much always have to reapply a second time to get the results you were hoping for the first time?  There are many factors that go into how well a […]

Spend a Little – Save a Lot! Motsenbocker’s 1-2-3 Lift Off Stain Remover Kit

This is the first in a series of blog posts that will feature inexpensive solutions designed to save you a lot of money down the road.  The first product I would like to highlight is Motsenbocker’s 1-2-3 Lift Off remover kit.  This product has done wonders on a pair of shorts and a pair of […]