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Now’s the time to: Clean your gas grill

We are asked everyday, what is the best way to clean a barbecue grill?  The answer will vary slightly depending on the grill and how dirty it truly is.  Regardless, you will want to maintain a clean grill so that you may prevent flare-ups, get more even cooking temperatures, and extend the life of your […]

Now’s the time to: Transplant overgrown plants in your garden

If your garden is anything like mine, each year I’m in need of moving plants around to different spots so that they can continue to thrive.  Sometimes, this is because they have outgrown one spot and need more room.  Sometimes, this is because a plant has died and I need something to feel the gap.  […]

Now’s the time to: Apply season-long grub control to your lawn

There is not much worse than a seeing your lawn quickly damaged by grubs in the fall after all of the hard work spent on your lawn throughout the season.  What makes it worse than anything, is that damage cannot be predicted or foreshadowed.  The white grub larvae are not seen since they live below […]

Now’s the Time to: Start Vegetable and Flower Seeds Indoors

Now is a great time to start seedlings indoors for your vegetable or flower gardens.  With the increased desire to organic gardening, we have noticed more and more customers wanting to start their own seedlings for the garden. By starting seeds in early April, you should notice spouts by the end of the month and […]

Now’s the time to… Winter-ize your lawn mower for storage

Many of our lawns are nearing their one or two last cuts of the year.  For myself, this means that I want to finish my last cut and then push the lawn mower to the back of the garage and forget about it!  Unfortunately, doing so without first properly winterizing your lawn mower, means that […]

Now’s the Time to… Prepare Lawns and Gardens for Winter

The end of October is a great time to prepare your lawns and gardens for the winter ahead.  This means pruning, protecting, cutting, mowing and more… Prune:  The general rule of thumb is to prune shrubs shortly after they are done blooming.  However, I like to prune my evergreens lightly before the winter to prevent […]

Now’s the Time to… Repair Lawns Affected by Grub Damage

This has seemed like a particularly bad year for grubs in Western PA.  And we should not be too surprised because during the summer months, we had noticed an increasing number of requests for Japanese beetle traps (one of the adult life forms of the lawn-damaging white grub).  So, how can we diagnose and treat […]

Now’s the time to… Clean & Stain Decks

Typically, we see more interest in the spring with homeowners wanting to clean and seal their wooden decks.  Because of the delayed spring and frequents rains that we received, many of us were not able to find a good time to re-stain our decks.  As a result of some beautiful weather the past couple of […]

Now is the time to: Repair Lawns by Planting Grass Seed

This year has been tough on our lawns.  This spring growing season started late and then came frequent rains and humidity of the summer.  Just for good measure, we have had some hot and dry weather for the last month or so.  The result of this far from ideal weather, is dead patches and areas […]

Now’s the time to… Clean and Seal Concrete Surfaces

I hate to say it, but winter is not too far from us.  It won’t be long before colder temperatures set in on us and we begin to reach for the ice melters and rock salt.  Now is a prefect time to begin thinking about whether or not you would like to seal your concrete […]