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Now is the time to: Repair dead grass in lawn

This year has been tough on our lawns.  This spring started off wet and then humid and warm.  Then came summer and, even though we may not have had the hottest of temperatures, the days were dry and our lawns suffered from drought-like conditions for a long while.  The result of this far from ideal […]

Now’s the time to: Plant Spring-Blooming Flower Bulbs

We just got in our full assortment of flower bulbs from Holland and they are looking great!  Now through the early parts of November are the best times to plant spring-blooming flower bulbs, such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocus, and more!  These flowers are the first blooms that we see each spring and are such […]

Now’s the time to: Clean your gas grill

We are asked everyday, what is the best way to clean a barbecue grill?  The answer will vary slightly depending on the grill and how dirty it truly is.  Regardless, you will want to maintain a clean grill so that you may prevent flare-ups, get more even cooking temperatures, and extend the life of your […]

Now’s the time to: Reseed bare spots and overseed your lawn

If your lawn is suffering from bare spots, it is important to reseed in the early spring.  By doing so, you will fill in these spots with desirable turf grass before the weeds stake claim!  Bare spots can be caused for many different reasons, including dog urine, insect damage, evasive weeds, drought, foot traffic, dog […]

Now’s the time to: Sharpen Garden Tools for the Spring

Spring is suddenly upon us and the weather is cooperating (at least for now).  Our yards and flower beds may still be dormant, but the spring growing season is not far off!  Soon we will need to go grab those trusty ‘ole tools and get back to digging, pruning, and cutting all throughout our yards.  […]

Now’s the time to: Summer-ize Snowblowers

Now that winter appears to be in our rear-view mirror, our garages will be under quite a bit of turn-around.  Out come the garden tools and the lawn mower, and into storage go the ice melter, shovels, and the snow blower.  In doing so, it is important to “summer-ize” your snow blower before pushing it […]

Now’s the time to: Start Seeds Indoors For Your Garden

Winter is almost over and most of us can’t wait to get outside in our gardens.  The start of an abundant vegetable garden actually starts now!  Get a head-start on your garden by starting certain vegetable plants indoors, including tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, eggplant, broccoli, brussels sprouts, celery, cauliflower, and others.  By starting certain seeds indoors, […]

Now’s the time to: Insulate “Drafty” Windows

The winter is still young, so it is a great time of the season to make sure that we are blocking out the cold air and sealing in the warm air of our homes.  This can be done through many means, but one of the most popular and most cost-efficient methods is by insulating drafty, […]

Now’s the time to: Repair Lamps

Now that days are getting shorter and shorter, I’m always surprised how early the sun is setting.  By the time we are home from work or done with the day’s errands, we often come home to a dark house.  As a result, we will be using lamps more frequent and in places that we typically […]

Now’s the time to: Protect Evergreens from a Damaging Winter

Last winter was so cold and windy that many of our plants suffered damage.  Evergreens were the most effected by the cold temperatures, but perennial shrubs and flowers had their fair share of damage as well.  Hydrangea buds were killed, rose stems dried out, and bulbs were frozen dead.  In this article, we will focus […]