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Now’s the time to… Clean & Stain Decks

Typically, we see more interest in the spring with homeowners wanting to clean and seal their wooden decks.  Because of the delayed spring and frequents rains that we received, many of us were not able to find a good time to re-stain our decks.  As a result of some beautiful weather the past couple of […]

Now is the time to: Repair Lawns by Planting Grass Seed

This year has been tough on our lawns.  This spring growing season started late and then came frequent rains and humidity of the summer.  Just for good measure, we have had some hot and dry weather for the last month or so.  The result of this far from ideal weather, is dead patches and areas […]

Now’s the time to… Clean and Seal Concrete Surfaces

I hate to say it, but winter is not too far from us.  It won’t be long before colder temperatures set in on us and we begin to reach for the ice melters and rock salt.  Now is a prefect time to begin thinking about whether or not you would like to seal your concrete […]

Now’s the Time to: Plant Grass Seed & Repair Lawn

Temperatures are looking up and the thoughts are that we are out of the coldest spring weather!  Daily high temperatures are above 55 degrees for the foreseeable future, and lows are not expected to be below freezing.  Now seems like the perfect time to repair your lawn by removing dead patches and reseeding the bare […]

Now’s the Time to: Apply Spring Fertilizer and Repair Lawn

Spring flowers are out.  Our forsythia plants, magnolia trees, and pear trees are all in full bloom, which means that it is time for us to redirect our attention to our lawns.  For many of us with lawns in need of repair, it is crucial to get an early start on our lawns so that […]

Now’s the time to: Start Seeds Indoors For Your Garden

We have re-posted this article this year since seed starting is always a popular inquiry at this time of the year!  Get a head-start on your garden by growing certain vegetable plants indoors, including tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, eggplant, broccoli, brussels sprouts, celery, cauliflower, and others.  By starting certain seeds indoors, you eliminate the risk of […]

Now’s the time to… Winter-ize your lawn mower for storage

Because the mild weather has hung around longer than usual this year thanks to El Nino, we are writing this article later than usual.  Every spring though, we hear from countless customers about mowers being hard to start or running poorly after they were stored all winter long.  To avoid these frustrations is is important to […]

Now’s the time to… Install pipe insulation and heating cables

So many of us had issues with frozen pipes last year because they were not insulated well enough to resist the deep, freezing temperatures that we experienced.  Others of us, had issues with large icicles that weighed down gutters and posed a safety hazard for those that walked by.  Now is the time to prevent […]

Now’s the Time to… Prepare your heating system for the winter

As the nights get colder, many of us are turning on our heating systems for the first time this fall.  Now is a great time to inspect our HVAC systems to insure everything is in good working order before the cold of winter settles in.   Central Air System Replace furnace filter(s) on a regular […]

Now’s the time to: Plant Spring-Blooming Flower Bulbs

We just got in our full assortment of flower bulbs from Holland and they are looking great!  Now through the early parts of November are the best times to plant spring-blooming flower bulbs, such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, crocus, and more!  These flowers are the first blooms that we see each spring and are such […]