Spend a Little – Save a Lot: GoJo Pumice Hand Cleaner

If you have been doing projects around the house, chances are that your hands are taking a beating.  They are being covered in soil, grease, dirt, paint and random sticky substances that came from somewhere!  At the end of your project, if you are looking for a better way to quickly clean your hands and arms from those dirty, grimy substances, you should try GoJo’s hand cleaner.

GoJo’s hand cleaner is made in a smooth formula as well as the pumice cleaner.  They both remove the same dirt, grease, tar and paint, but the ones with added pumice will be a little more heavy duty for those tougher applications.  What makes GoJo’s hand cleaner unique is two-fold.  1) It’s cleaner uses very little water.  Just a few drops is all that you need to move the product around and to coat your hands.  If no water is available, you can simply rub briskly and wipe dry.  2) It is highly effective on removing sticky and oily substances.  When GoJo’s hand cleaner is activated on our hands, it pulls the dirt and tar away from your hands with little effort.  These messes are often the toughest to remove, but with GoJo they are easy to take care of.

For about $4 this product is a great addition to anyone’s garage or ‘slop’ sink.  Available in the original formula and the natural orange formula.  Both are available with or without pumice.  GoJo is sold everyday in our Automotive Aisle near Housewares.


What’s Trending? Fungus Gnats, Fruit Flies, Drain Flies, n ‘Nat

What are these annoying flies that are populating my kitchen?  Where are they coming from?  How come they never seem to quit hanging around?  These are questions that we are asked every year during the summer months.  Here are some tips for diagnosing which pest you have and for treating them effectively.

Fungus Gnats - are tiny (1-2 mm) small flies that sort of “bounce” through the air.  Their erratic behavior is annoying and makes them tough to catch.  Fungus gnats have very little structure.  Their bodies are thin and their wings make up most of their size.  If you have live plants in a room they are noticed in, or an adjacent room, then you can pretty much figure that fungus gnats are the nuisance!  They breed in soil and the potting soil of our houseplants are often the perfect bedding.  These plants are watered frequently and offer a nice moisture layer for the larvae to grow into mature adult gnats.  If you have fungus gnats, we would recommend cutting back on the watering of the houseplants, using sticky stakes where they are noticed and treating the soil with an insecticide (optional).

Fruit Flies - are small, brownish/black flies, only 1-3 mm long.  They have a thicker body than fungus gnats and fly a smoother path to their destination.  As their name suggests, fruit flies love ripe fruit and vegetables because those areas are seen as the perfect breeding ground for laying eggs.  Any fermenting food or area of moist organic material will be attractive to fruit flies, which includes our garbage cans, compost bins, and even the residues that coat our sink drains.  Fruit fly traps work great in this case because the lure draws them into the traps and the perfectly-sized holes prevent them from escaping.

Drain Flies - are again another tiny fly, measuring only about 1-2 mm long.  They have a hairy body with large wings.  As you would guess, they breed in the slime that coats so many of our drains in our house.  Typically we find them coming from drains in the basement or garage that are rarely used, but they can come up through drains used more frequently in our kitchen or the bathroom.  To find out if it is drain flies that are invading your living space, you will want to place a piece of tape over the drains in question and wait a couple of days to see if any flies are stuck to the tape.  If so, an enzyme drain cleaner will be necessary to effectively clean all of the walls on the drain.  By completely cleaning the drains, the attractiveness of the drains is eliminated, and the fly should vanish as a result.

Take a look at the pictures below, and you will see just how similar looking these 3 nuisance pest can appear!

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What’s Trending: Quick Disconnect Garden Hose Connectors

quick disconnect hose connectorsThis spring, it felt like it was never going to stop raining.  And now, many of us are wishing for some rain in the 10 day forecast.  As a result, our lawn and gardens are in the need of frequent watering.  If your lawn is anything like mine, I am switching back and forth from a hose nozzle to a oscillating sprinkler everyday.  First the grass needs watered to reduce the effects of the dog urine and intense heat on the lawn.  Then the garden beds need watered because some of the new plantings have short roots and run the risk of dying from a lack of moisture.

This constant battle to keep everything watered can be made easier with quick disconnect garden hose connectors.  With quick disconnect hose connectors, you can switch back and forth between hose nozzles and sprinklers in a pinch.  Simply pull back on the connector and the nozzle will disconnect from the hose.  Then snap the hose to your sprinkler and you are all set to go!  No more screwing and unscrewing nozzles when you are switching in between tasks.

We stock quick disconnect connectors in both metal and plastic.  There are kits to get you started and then all of the pieces are sold separately so that you can build the kit out to fit your needs.  Stop by our lawn and garden department to see our full selection!


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Spend a Little – Save a Lot: Bagster, Dumpster in a Bag

bagster in packageThe Bagster from Waste Management is your solution for heavy, awkward waste caused by renovations and home cleanouts.  This unique temporary dumpster provides quick and efficient removal of large debris and heavy debris that is too difficult to bag or too time consuming to take somewhere to be salvaged.

Many of our customers who purchase a Bagster are in the middle of a do-it yourself home renovation, redoing landscaped areas outside, or cleaning out a storage area.  The Bagster is convenient to use and easy to obtain.  Simply pick up a Bagster from your local hardware store, and place it close to your curb when you are ready to start filling.  There is no time limit with the Bagster – fill it at your own rate and keep filling it up until the project is done!  Scheduling for a pick-up is just as convenient, you may do so on the website or over the phone with Waste Management.  The collection fee for one Bagster is about $139, but for its quick and efficient removal of large debris, we consider it a big time saver and worthy of the “spend a little – save a lot” portion of our Blog.

The Bagster measures 4ft x 8ft x 2’6″ deep, which amounts to a whopping 3 cubic yards are debris.  There is no top, but the fill is not meant to extend over the lip on the Bagster.  Also, very heavy waste (such as dirt, stone, brick, metals, or the like) can only amount to about 1/3 of the capacity of the Bagster.

For more information on the Bagster, and for what can and cannot be thrown away in one, please visit their website: www.thebagster.com


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What’s New? Create a Vintage Look with Rust-Oleum’s Chalked Paint

rustoleum chalked paintLeave it to Rust-Oleum to come out with another innovative product that is filling a void in the consumer paint industry.  Now you can paint new or old furniture and create a vintage feel to any furniture with the brand new ultra matte chalked paint!  Take a look at some examples of what can be done with the images below…

What makes this product unique is it’s ultra matte finish, which creates a softer look than any other paint.  Once you finish painting, you can come back over certain areas and the edges to distress them.  Take a look at the video below that walks you through the steps for creating this vintage distressed look in 3 easy steps!

Available in 6 classic colors (blush pink, linen white, aged gray, country gray, serenity blue, and charcoal) or choose your own custom color with the tintable paint base.  To improve durability, Rust-Oleum makes a protective topcoat that has the same matte finish.  Stop in and visit our Paint store if you are interested in more information.


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What’s Trending? Ticks and Tick-Like Bugs in our Yards

tick closeupTicks are a growing concern and for good reason.  With the increasing population of deer in Pittsburgh as well as reports of Lyme disease diagnosis doubling over the past 10 years, ticks are everywhere.  But when do we have to be more concerned about them, how can be identify them, and how best to remove them are questions that any of us might have.  In this blog article, we try to address some of these topics.

When are ticks at their peak?  As with most bugs, ticks have a life cycle that is seasonal.  It is the small nymphs that are feeding heavily in the spring and summer (May through July) and that do the most damage in transmitting Lyme disease to their hosts.  Other stages of ticks are not as likely to transmit pathogens and in the winter time, they become very inactive, especially when the ground is frozen.

How do you identify a tick?  There are many bugs that will look like a tick and are concerning to may of us, especially at this time of the year.  Each of the major news stations have had alerts about the billbug, which will be very prevalent for the next couple of weeks still because it is their mating season.  However, ticks are different than most other bugs we will find in our yards and in our homes, because ticks have 4 pairs of legs.  Most insects will only have 3 pairs of legs and then a set of antennae on their heads.  Ticks will vary in size depending on the time of the year, but the baby nymph ticks that aggressively search for a host start out as the size of a pinhead.  They will slowly grown in size as they feed and move from one host to the next.  Ticks are not typically seen in swarms or groups.  They do not fly or jump, and only crawl.  Most often, they attach themselves to a host by waiting in an areas that are likely to be contacted by a passer-by and they transfer when you make contact with them.  Below we have supplied some pictures of ticks and insects that are often confused with ticks.

How do you remove a tick?  If a tick attached themselves to your skin, you will want to remove them with pointy tweezers.  These can often be found at a drug store if you do not have them already.  Grab the tick as close to your skin as possible and pull straight back.  If you are not able to get the head out of the skin, it will eventually fall out, so no need to worry there.  In order for a tick to start transferring the pathogens that cause Lyme disease the tick will generally have to be on your skin for over 24 hours, so timely removal will prevent disease transfer.

Here is a link to the local KDKA news report on billbugs in our yards.

Here is a great website reference dedicated to ticks:  Tick Encounter


tick and bug pictures

What’s Trending? A Deer Repellent that Backs Up All Other Deer Repellents

deer off stakes resizedIf you are tired of spraying liquid deer repellents each week only to see your plants devastated by foraging deer the next week because you forgot to spray… we suggest Deer Off.

If you have had some success with granular deer repellents, but always forget when to reapply or worry about running out of product at precisely the wrong time... then we suggest Deer Off.

What is Deer Off, you ask?  Deer Off is a long-lasting, weatherproof deer repellent that triggers the “flight” response in deer.  Deer that smell the active ingredient in Deer Off run for their lives because they fear that a predator is in the area.  Each package of Deer Off comes with 6 repellent stations that are filled with dried blood, an all natural deer repellent.  Simply stake or hang the stations 4-8 feet apart throughout your garden.  Place them in areas that will be out in the open and easy for the wind and air to travel through and disperse the scent across your garden.

Like all deer repellents, there are some limitations to the Deer Off.  Because this product relies partially on the wind flow and is only placed every 4-8 feet, there are areas of your garden that may not be protected as well as others.  That is why we love this product as a second line of defense!  Use it in conjunction with liquid deer repellents (LiquidFence or Deer B Gon, Bonide’s Repels All) or in conjunction with granular deer repellents (Deer Scram, LiquidFence granules, Shake A Way).  It will act as a nice safety in case you miss an application with the other product.  Plus one application of stakes last about 2 months.  For only about $22, you can’t go wrong with this safety blanket!

Spend a Little – Save a Lot: Stop the itch with Grandma’s poison ivy soap

grandma's poison ivy soapDo you know that even though poison ivy or oak is sprayed with a weed control and looks dead, it can still be poisonous?  This is because the poisonous oils are still present on the leaves!  Even with long pants and sleeves and work gloves, many of us still contract poison ivy during these summer months.  Two years ago, when I had poison ivy rash really bad from working in my yard, it was Grandma’s poison ivy & oak bar that came to my rescue!

Grandma’s poison ivy bar is unique because it contains jewelweed, which is an ancient Indian herb that has been used as an antidote for poison ivy, oak & sumac for centuries.  It works by soothing the skin and eliminating the urge to itch.  If used immediately after exposure to poisonous plants, it can actually have preventative benefits!  When used as a preventative, it is very important to wash with cold water so that your pores will close and reduce exposure to the oils when rinsed.  If you already have a poison ivy rash, this bar works to relieve the itch every time you lather.  If the itch is particularly bad, then after you wash, you will want to leave a little lather on your skin to dry.  It will continue to work as it sits and dries on your skin.  It is non-staining so you don’t have to worry about your clothing.

It is really important to stop the itch when you have a poisonous rash, and Grandma’s poison ivy & oak bar will help you with exactly that!  As Grandma says, it is a must for every medicine cabinet.

Grandma’s pure and natural soap company makes lots of unique products including their Don’t Bug Me Bar, which is a soap made from all natural ingredients including essential oils of eucalyptus, basil, and citronella to help keep the insects away.

What’s New: Orijen Tundra Dog Food

orijen_tundra_resizedOrijen’s Tundra dog food is the newest addition to the Orijen family of trusted, grain-free nourishment for your pet.  Tundra is made up of 80% meat/fish from goat, venison, mutton, bison, arctic char, rabbit, duck, trout, cod and pilchard.  This surf and turf recipe combines lots of different ingredients together to make sure that your pet is getting a balanced diet.  In fact, that is what each and every Orijen formula is all about! Complete and balanced nutrition the way that nature intended.

Tundra is also a wholeprey diet, which means that the meat, organs, and cartilage are all used in the food.  This helps meet all of your pets nutrition needs while eliminating the need for synthetic ingredients.  In other words, it is nourishment in ratios that mimic Mother Nature.

The other 20% of Orijen’s Tundra is made from locally grown fruits and vegetables.  These ingredients are always fresh and delivered daily to ensure the best flavor.  As with all Orijen dog food varieties there is 0% grain and potatoes, and no added water!

We are stocking Orijen Tundra in 3 sizes: 4.4 lb, 13.2 lb and 25 lb bags.  Trial sizes are also available for purchase so that you can be sure that your pet will like the new formula before buying a big bag.

For more information on Orijen brand dog foods, please visit our featured brand page.

What’s New? Yeti Coolers

yeti coolers endcapThe YETI is now at Rollier’s!  We are excited to offer the most durable, most insulated coolers on the market.  They are the preferred choice for avid fisherman, hunters, campers, tailgaters, and backyard barbecue kings.

Yeti coolers were developed by avid fisherman and outdoors men that are committed to quality.  They will not comprise, and one look at these coolers will make that evident.  There is up to 3″ of insulation around all sides of the cooler, including the lid that is sealed with a rubber gasket all the way around.  Cool air stays inside and hot air stays out!

They are built-to-last and come with a manufacturer’s 5 year warranty, but they really should last you much longer than that.  Yeti encourages you to stand on their coolers, toss them into your truck, and carry them all around the outdoors with you; they will stand up to the toughest elements.  In fact, Yeti coolers are grizzly bear-proof!

Currently, we are stocking some of their most popular products and colors, including the Roadie 20, Tundra 35, and Tundra 65 coolers.  As well as their 20 rambler (travel mug) and security lock/tie downs.  If you are interested in any of their other sizes or products, we can easily special order them!

For more information on Yeti coolers, please visit our dedicated Yeti brand page, or the Yeti website.