What’s New? Merrick Backcountry Dog Foods – Raw Infused Nutrition

merrick backcountryNew from Merrick are the Backcountry ancestral canine diets.  These dry dog food recipes combine a protein-rich kibble with freeze-dried real meat pieces.  The combination delivers the nutritional benefits of a raw diet in a convenient recipe that is safe and easy to use.

All Merrick Backcountry grain-free recipes have many great benefits:

  • Deboned meat as the #1 ingredient
  • Balanced diet that your dog would have discovered in the wild
  • Formulas rich in Omega fatty acids for a healthy skin and coat
  • Delicious aroma, texture and taste that your dog will love
  • Safely cooked in the USA in their very own kitchens

The addition of freeze-dried foods are becoming more and more popular as of late and they are a great way for sneaking in more healthy elements to your pets diet.  We have a few freeze-dried options from other companies that are encouraged to be used as treats and/or meal mixers, but Merrick is the first one that is offering dried meats as part of their protein-rich kibble!  We are currently stocking all of the Merrick Backcountry dry canine recipes: Great Plains Red , Game Bird, Big Game, Pacific Catch, and Puppy.

What’s New? Herbaceous Scentz Multi Surface Cleaners

herbaceous scentzThese brand new multi surface cleaners from Herbaceous Scentz smell so good that you will want to clean more.  Not only do they smell great, they clean without toxins.  In fact, they are 100% natural!

Herbaceous Scentz is a company founded right here in Pittsburgh, and we are excited to be one of the first few stores to carry their product.  Use this cleaner on all hard surfaces (except mirrors).  It’s an all natural cleaner, de-greaser, and disinfectant.  For typical hard surface clean-up, just spritz and wipe.  To disinfect and de-grease tough stains it is best to let sit for a few minutes as the cleaner goes to work.  Safe to use on most kitchen and bath surfaces, even sealed granite, stainless steel, porcelain, laminate, quartz and other sealed hard surfaces.

The addition of essential oils to the spray cleaner makes it a “treat” to clean.  Essential oils have been known to provide many benefits, but in the case of these cleaners the aromatherapy will have you cleaning all over the house.  There is even a warning on the label that reads… Warning: You may find yourself cleaning the toilets and counters… just because.  :)

Stop by our Housewares Department to see our display, or visit Herbaceous Scentz facebook page here.

Spend a Little – Save a Lot: TrashRac – Waste Storage Solution

trashracA little know solution in our housewares department is the TrashRac trash storage bins.  Maybe that is because they are by nature nondescript since they like to hide out inside cabinet doors?  Maybe this is because they provide function without all the glamour of a tall stainless steel trash bin?  Who am I kidding, the TrashRac doesn’t have the ability to campaign for itself!  It is just as it’s name suggest, a rack to hold your trash.

For years, we have sold cabinet storage solutions through our E-commerce store and I consistently hear the same positive feedback from customers, some of these benefits are highlighted here:

Out of Sight – Gone is the waste can that sits on the kitchen floor and is too often not close enough to the sink.  With the TrashRac, our customers love how the trash can is right under the sink and is always on demand.  Simply flip open the cabinet to clean off plates and to throw out kitchen waste.  The TrashRac is designed to be small and convenient.

Traps Odors- The TrashRac includes a lid that helps to trap in odors from smelly kitchen waste.  The bags are small too, so they encourage us to replace them often and the result is a better smelling, waste storage solution that will not encourage flies and other bugs to nest since it is being replaced frequently.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Many of us accumulate plastic grocery bags and we don’t know how to reuse them.  Conveniently, both sizes of the TrashRac can hold your typical grocery bags!  The handles help to hold the bags in place and the drip tray at the bottom will prevent small holes in the bags from making a mess inside the cabinet.

Stop by our Housewares Department if you are interested in finding out more about this waste storage solution!

Thanks for reading,

Derek Satterfield



What’s New? Weber Summit Charcoal Grill

The newest grill to the Weber lineup is the Summit Charcoal.  This grill is being termed “the grill of a lifetime” and its for good reason!  The Summit Charcoal will never go out of style, it is made of only the highest quality materials, and provides tremendous flexibility for cooking at any temperature.  This barbecue can grill, sear, bake, and even smoke all with the delicious flavor that you would expect with a charcoal grill.

weber summit charcoal

Some of the unique features of the Weber Summit Charcoal grill:

  • Large 24.5″ round stainless steel cooking grate
  • Snap-Jet gas ignition system (heats charcoal with the convenience of propane)
  • Air insulated, double walled bowl and lid (hold heat in for efficient cooking)
  • Rapidfire damper lid allows for precise temperature changes
  • Adjustable diffuser plate allows for direct or indirect cooking
  • One-Touch cleaning system rakes ash into bucket for easy disposal

This grill offers much of the same cooking experience that the widely popular Big Green Egg does, but with the convenience that one can expect with a name like Weber.  The charcoal is easy to ignite and all of the adjustments needed to control temperature are included with the purchase of this grill.  Plus, after you register with Weber, you will be sent the Summit Charcoal cookbook that is filled with hundreds of recipes and instructions on making incredibly delicious meals on your new grill!

The Summit Charcoal has introduced this month to the nation and it is only available at select retailers nationwide.  We invite you to stop by to see this brand new grill – on display now in our barbecue section!


Now’s the Time to: Plant Grass Seed & Repair Lawn

seeding bare spotsTemperatures are looking up and the thoughts are that we are out of the coldest spring weather!  Daily high temperatures are above 55 degrees for the foreseeable future, and lows are not expected to be below freezing.  Now seems like the perfect time to repair your lawn by removing dead patches and reseeding the bare spots.

What we recommend… Walk around your lawn, rake out dead patches and mow, if needed.  After these steps, you will have a good idea whether you need to seed or not.  If spots are over a couple of inches in diameter, you will want to loosen up the soil in that area before you sprinkle down the grass seed.  If the soil is poor, you will want to consider putting down some fresh top soil (or lawn soil) on the top layer before seeding.  It is important to have seed-to-soil contact, so be sure to remove dead grass and thatch from those areas so that the seedlings have a good nutritious soil to get started in!

If the lawn is thin… We recommend overseeding with a grass seed recommended for the sunlight conditions that your grass receives in that area.  Overseeding is when you broadcast seed lightly over large areas and the seed helps to feel in the gaps.  Lots of grass varieties don’t naturally thicken quickly, so the addition of more grass seeds is often the quickest way to thicken your turf.  We also would recommend coinciding overseeding with an application of new seeding (starter) fertilizer to promote quick germination and fast root development.

For more specific steps on seeding, please view our prior Blog post, seen here.

Spend a Little – Save a Lot: Wet and Forget Keeps Outdoor Surfaces Clean Year Round

If you constantly battle with mold and mildew in shaded areas or other areas that do not dry out well, then we have the product for you!  Most mold and mildew cleaners will clean the surface quickly, but they will not do anything for its regrowth.  This is where Wet and Forget comes in!  Not only will Wet and Forget outdoor stain remover clean mold and mildew stains but it will keep them from reforming for up to 1 whole year.

Simply mix and apply through a garden pump sprayer.  Apply liberally, so that the surfaces are saturated.  Apply to any hard surface outdoors, including storage sheds, roofs, siding, decks, concrete, sidewalks, driveways, and more. Take a look at the video below for some shocking before and after shots of Wet and Forget usage on Mackinaw Island in Michigan!

Just a couple other quick notes regarding Wet and Forget. 1) It will kill moss, mold, and mildew but it does so slower. This is not the product to use if you want results in a day or two, but it is the product to use if you can wait 2-4 weeks for great results and like the thought of no scrubbing or rinsing. 2) Wet and Forget will keep regrowth from forming for up to a year, so it is ideal for problem areas that are a constant or yearly battle.



Now’s the Time to: Apply Spring Fertilizer and Repair Lawn

lawn in need of repairSpring flowers are out.  Our forsythia plants, magnolia trees, and pear trees are all in full bloom, which means that it is time for us to redirect our attention to our lawns.  For many of us with lawns in need of repair, it is crucial to get an early start on our lawns so that they can be rejuvenated (at least somewhat) before the tough summer conditions advance.

Now is the best time to apply a spring fertilizer.  This can be many different products depending on what your preferences are, but options include a fertilizer with crabgrass preventer, a starter fertilizer (used with seeding), organic lawn foods that are safe for kids and pets, pelletized calcium fertilizer (limestone) and more.  Stop in to our lawn and garden department this April for the expert advice to get your lawn off to a great start this spring!

Spend a Little – Save a Lot: Ant Baits Kill the Entire Colony

terro ant baitIt never fails, each year I will encounter ants foraging for food inside my home to take back to their nest.  Sometimes their presence is noticed during the summer, sometimes it happens in the spring.  The timing is never for sure, but it seems to be a yearly occurrence for so many of us.  In talking to customers, we typically hear that they are seen in kitchens or bathrooms, and this make lots of sense.  Ants are attracted to the soapy residues in the bathroom or the remnants of food in the kitchen.  Before you know it the word gets out and you have hungry ants coming for food non-stop!

Sprays and stinky traps can capture and kill the foraging ants but they will not do anything for the queen(s) and all of the other worker ants that are sharing and spreading food.  The best way to kill these ants and get rid of the entire colony is with ant baits.

We have lots of ant baits to choose from and they all work in the same manner; the bait is taken back to the nest where it is shared with the whole colony.  Simply place the baits in areas that you have seen activity. If you make it easy for the ants to find the traps then you should have quick results.  In about 7-10 days, you will see activity stop. At this point, you can safely remove the traps and dispose of them.  It couldn’t be easier!

So, the next time you are in a battle with a mess of ants, stop then quickly with highly effective ant baits!

What’s Trending? Feed your Soil for a Better Lawn

better soilNot impressed with the results you are getting out of your lawn fertilizers?  Looking for that secret ingredient to improve your lawn and keep it green all year long?  Consider using Jonathan Green’s Magical and Love Your Lawn, Love Your Soil.  These two products feed your soil, not your grass.  Traditional fertilizers only provide nutrients that your grass will absorb slowly.  However, if your soil is out of balance or in poor condition, then those nutrients that you spend lots of money on will not be absorbed properly and you are essentially throwing money away.

So, how do you keep your lawn in balance?  Consider Jonathan Green’s Mag-i-cal.  This product will quickly raise soil pH to levels that your grass will thrive in.  When your lawn is too acidic, the grass roots essentially shut down and will not absorb the fertilizers you are applying.  One application of Mag-i-cal during the year will typically be all that you need to keep your lawn in balance.  However, if you have a lawn that is knowingly way out of balance, you will want to grab a soil test kit and test the soil both before and after one application of Mag-i-cal to see if another application will help further.

What if your lawn is like most Pittsburgh lawns and it is clay-like and very compacted due to years of traffic and settling?  Consider Jonathan Green’s Love Your Lawn, Love Your Soil.  This product is revolutionary and exclusive to the Jonathan Green brand.  The main ingredient for this product is mined from the southwest of the USA and it naturally breaks down clay-like, compacted soils to turn them into loamy soil.  In as little as 2 applications, you can turn your soil from poor to perfect!  Love Your Lawn is better than aeration because it conditions soil down to 4 feet deep and it easy to apply through a lawn spreader (no heavy or time-consuming tools to use).

With all of this said, you will still want to feed your lawn with fertilizers throughout the year, but these products will improve your soil to make those fertilizers work to their full benefit.  With healthier grass, you will have less weeds and lawns that will not dry out so much during the summer.

Be sure to stop by our Lawn and Garden Department this spring for everything you need to get your lawn off to a great start this year!  We have everything in-stock, including grass seed, top soils, fertilizers, organics, and crabgrass preventers.

Thanks for reading,

Derek Satterfield


What’s New: Toro TimeMaster 30″ Walk Behind Mower

toro timemasterToro has bridged the gap between a standard walk behind mower and a riding mower, with their dual blade, 30″ TimeMaster lawn mower for 2016!  For those with large yards and/or busy schedules, you will find that the time-saving capabilities of this mower are worth the extra money.  The 30″ mowing deck reduces mowing time by up to 40%.  Here are some of the unique features of the Toro TimeMaster…

Dual-force cutting:  The two blades spin in unison cutting grass into a fine mulch.  Great for mulching or bagging (comes standard with a large capacity grass bag).

Personal pace with traction assist:  As with many Toro mower, the TimeMaster features the smooth and responsive Personal Pace self-propelled system.  As you walk, the TimeMaster will be propelled.  Walk slow, and the self-propel will engage lightly.  If you want to walk fast, the self-propel will hop along as quick as 4.5 mph.

Quick stow lever:  When finished, the TimeMaster handle will fold up with a single flip.  No bolts to loosen and loose!  Despite the size of this unit, you will find that it stores quite well.

Spin-stop blade stop:  When emptying the bag, stopping to clear debris or any other reason, the blade will stop and the engine will continue to run thanks to spin-stop!  This innovative feature from Toro is super convenient and prevents the need to restart the engine repeatedly when mowing.

Powerful 8.75 hp OHV engine:  This Toro-made engine is specific to the TimeMaster and features lots and lots of pep.  The OHV design makes it great for hilly terrain as well.

3 year warranty:  Comes with a 3 year full coverage warranty as well as a 3 year guaranteed to start promise from Toro.  If you have any problems, remember that our small engine repair shop is always here to help you with your Toro equipment.

For a visual introduction to the Toro TimeMaster 30″ wide walk-behind mower, please take a look at the video below.  It shows many of these features in action!