What’s Trending? Fun and Stylish Insulated Lunch Bags

freezable lunch bagsSchool is upon us and it got us thinking lunch boxes… how boring, right?  Well, we like to think that the freezable lunch bags from the PackIt company add a little excitement to the ordinarily boring lunch box!

What makes a PackIt lunch bag unique?  All of their products are freezable.  Simply put them in the freezer the day before use and the next day you have an insulated lunch bag that will keep your lunch cool until ready to eat.  It is great for juice, dairy products, meats, and cheeses that could spoil in a warm lunch bag.

What makes them so exciting?  These lunch bags are available in different sizes and different styles.  There are fun patterns, solid colors, and stylish designs to choose from.  There are various sizes as well, including mini, regular, an over-the-shoulder bags.  We are constantly bringing in new styles and colors, so we recommend stopping in to our Housewares Department to see our newest assortment!


Spend a Little – Save a Lot: Kill and PREVENT Weeds

kill and prevent weedsSo many of us battle with weeds that magically grown up between pavers, bricks, stones, sidewalks, and driveways.  What seems like a small crevice can grow unsightly weeds at all times during the growing season.  Typical weed killers will do a great job at killing what is visible, but they don’t do anything for preventing them from regrowing in a couple of weeks.  Now there is a better way to kill and prevent weeds from these areas and it is by using products such as Round-up Extended Control or Ortho GroundClear.

These products will quickly kill all sorts of weeds and grass that are growing in these unsightly areas.  But when applied to the vulnerable cracks and crevices or vacant soil areas, these products will also prevent new weeds from germinating.  The result is beautiful looking walkways, gravel areas, and sidewalks with only one application of weed control.

Personally I have found these product to be highly effective.  I had my doubts at first because I questioned how much preventative is really soaking into the soil and remaining effective, but the difference is very apparent!  With a gravel driveway, when Ortho GroundClear was applied to the entire area, I was able to kill existing weeds and prevent new weeds for up to 12 months!  Since it is later in the growing season, we often recommend the Round-Up Extended Control, which will kill and prevent for up to 4 months (just enough time to get us through to the winter months).  The key with all of these preventative products is that they must be applied to the areas that you want to prevent weeds, even if no weeds are visible in that area presently.

Save time and money when controlling weeds in sidewalks, driveways, stone paths, between pavers, and more with the use of a kill and PREVENT weed control.  Please visit our Lawn and Garden department for more information on these products.  Our sales clerks are always here to help you with any questions you may have!

What’s New: Flame Boss Temperature Control for Your Smoker/Grill

flame bossThe Flame Boss is like having “cruise control” for your smoker grill.  A task that would originally require quite a bit of refinement and frequent stops at the grill to ensure the correct smoking temperature has now become easier than ever!

How does it work?  The Flame Boss controls the grill temperature with the use of an electric fan.  This fan is accelerated when more heat is needed, and the fan lows down when the grill is at the target temperature.  Essentially, the Flame Boss is constantly measuring the grill temperature to make sure that temperatures are maintained through the cooking process.  Even better yet, the built-in WIFI technology of the Flame Boss 200 allows you to communicate with your grill from your very own smart phone, tablet, or computer.  Simply logon to their online portal for complete control!

The Flame Boss is easy to use and easy to install.  Simply attach the fan to the intake on your charcoal smoker and plug the wires into the control monitor (that sits beside your grill).  The monitor can also read the meat temperature of whatever it is that you are cooking, so you will always know how close you are to completion.  Set your target meat temperature and the Flame Boss will slower its temperature and just keep meats warm when complete.  Works with most Komodo style grills including the Big Green Egg.  The video below is a nice introduction to the product.

Stop by our grill department if you would like more information.

Thanks for reading everyone!


What’s Trending? Japanese beetles are out in full force

japanese beetle - rescue trapJuly in our lawns and gardens means bugs, bugs and more bugs.  Many of these bugs are none damaging and can actually benefit our gardens.  However, that is not the case with many beetles, including the Japanese beetle.  In store, we have noticed for the past two weeks that questions and concerns regarding beetles have really peaked.

What type of damage do they cause?  The Japanese beetle has a very “damaging” life cycle that repeats year after year.  They like to damage our gardens (especially vegetables and fruit-bearing trees) in the summer time as adult beetles.  As young larvae, the Japanese beetle is a white grub and they damage our lawns in the fall, and sometimes a little in the spring.  This is truly a pest that you do not want to have in your yard, since it can mean headaches throughout the growing season!

How can you eliminate them?  To trap the garden-damaging beetles, the beetles traps (bags) are the popular solution.  These traps have been around for years, but are growing increasingly hard to find.  We still have them from a couple of different companies.  If the beetles are concentrated on a particular plant or tree, you might want to consider the contact kill beetle killers that we have.  These are typically a liquid spray and they are safe for non-edible plants.  We have them from a few different companies as well.

We hope that you are not battling with Japanese beetles this summer, but if you are, it is best to treat for them now.  The more you trap now, the less chance you have for the larvae to be found in your lawn and for the young larvae to start causing damage in the fall.

Thanks for reading,

Derek Satterfield

japanese beetle damage

What’s Trending? Bertch Cabinets = Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

bertch vanityBertch manufacturing has been cranking out beautiful cabinetry for bathrooms for over 35 years.  All this time, they have grown in size but not without protecting the environment for future generations to come.  In brief, Bertch cabinets are made in an eco-friendly manufacturing plant, with sustainable materials, and reduced VOC finishing processes.  For more information on what Bertch is doing every year to protect our environment, please click here.

For more information on the Bertch cabinetry line-up and our huge showroom of bath vanities, please click here.




What’s Trending? A doormat that can truly last 10 years

cape cod doormatCape Cod Doormats are “breaking down the doors” when it comes to long lasting, durability.  In fact, we received calls frequently from customers that are replacing their doormat for the first time in 10, 15, or even 20 years!

How can a doormat last this one, when others often last 6 months or a year?  This is because the 100% polypropylene rope that is used to make Cape Cod Doormats is a material that will not fade, will not absorb water, and will not breakdown from the elements.  The rope is woven in a manner that discards large debris and dirt, allowing the mat to stay clean and unaffected.  Without these materials getting in the way, a Cape Cod Doormat will keep cleaning and brushing your shoes.  Once one side starts to show a little wear after a few years, simply flip it over and you have a doormat that is essentially as good as new!

Despite all of these tough attributes, Cape Cod Doormats look great next to your home.  There are over 20 colors to choose from so their is a color to match everyone’s exterior, including lots of earthy tones that are the most popular.  If you want to add a little pop of color to your entry, you could do that as well with one of their bright colors, such as purple, red, or even orange.  We have many of the colors in-stock, but if you are looking for a big size or a special color, we are happy to special order that combination for you.  Stop by our Housewares Department to see our display of these hand-woven, unique, and super durable doormats.

cape cod doormats colors

Spend a Little – Save a Lot: Replace a leaky hose end and save the entire hose

hose repairIf your hose is kinking repeatedly in one particular spot, there is no need to replace the entire hose.  Or maybe your hose is leaking badly and is causing a mess at one of the ends.  Again, there is no need to replace the entire hose.  Instead we would recommend putting a new coupler on the end, and you will be as good as new!  This process is quick and easy for anyone to accomplish and it only takes a couple simple tools (a screwdriver and a utility knife) to complete.

If your hose is leaking somewhere in the middle (not near an end), you will want to cut out this compromised section of the hose.  This could be an area with a hole or even an area that kinks repeatedly.  Stop in for one of our hose menders and we would be glad to demonstrate how they are installed.

If you hose is leaking at one of the fittings, it is likely that the threads, washer or the overall shape has been compromised.  This is an easy fix with just a $3-$7 dollar part and a few minutes of time.  You will want to cut off the bad end and install the new hose coupler!  Just like that, you will be as good as new once again.

These are a great quick fix to any garden hose that is suffering from a leaky hose fitting, especially so if your hose is of high quality and perfectly good in every other way.



What’s New: Stanley insulated drink containers are here

stanley drinkwareThe Penguins may have won the Stanley Cup, but here at Rollier’s, you can buy your very own Stanley “mug”!   New to our store is a huge selection of insulated beverage containers from Stanley.  These are no ordinary mug that insulate for an hour or two, instead you can expect drinks to stay hot for up to 7 hours and ice water to stay cold for up to 36 hours!

There are classic screw-top water bottles, one-hand vacuum travel mugs in several sizes, stacking tumblers and pint glasses, classic vacuum thermoses, and even an insulated growler for those draft beer enthusiasts.  Each piece is double-wall vacuum insulated and built to last.  We invite you to stop by our Hardware Department for our full selection of Stanley insulated drink-ware.

What’s New? Apex Zero-G – A lightweight, flexible hose that will not burst!

apex zero-gAfter 3 years of selling an expanding hose, we know that customers love the hose, but that love runs out when they burst! It is not the matter of if they will burst, it is more of a question of when. They work and work and work, and then they fail as the expandable inner core continues to expand and contract with each use.  They are great for their convenience, but their longevity is not as good as you would expect when purchasing a $40 hose.

If you have been struggling to find a lightweight and convenience garden hose for patio plants and other simple watering, we would like to introduce you to the Apex Zero-G garden hoseThis hose is made from a leader in the garden hose industry and the makers of the Neverkink line of hoses that have been trusted for years, upon years.

What makes this flexible, fabric hose different than its predecessors is the fact that its inner core does not expand.  The result is a product that will not weaken and eventually burst when under water pressure.  The fabric outer shell keeps the hose lightweight and easy to pull and tug over all surfaces.  The high quality aluminum couplings on either side are lightweight and will not wear down like plastic threads do!  We feel that Apex has really hit a “home-run” when it comes to a patio hose that is lightweight and easy to use.  We have been hearing great feedback on this hose and we are confident that it will hold up year… after year.  It is even backed with a 5 year warranty.

Stop by our Lawn and Garden department if you are interested in learning more about the Apex Zero-G garden hose!


What’s Trending? Spiders, Ants, Millipedes and More Are Invading Our Homes

bugs are invadingSpring is here, rains are frequent, and bugs are active… a little too active for many of us!  We have been hearing from many of you that crawling bugs, such as spiders, ants, millipedes, waterbugs, etc. are being found all over the house.  They are frequently in the ground floor and basements, but their presence can be a real nuisance at this time of the year.  So what can you do to treat for them?  We talk briefly about a few different techniques in this article.

Apply a bug barrier around your home.  We sell a lot of Ortho’s Home Defense as well as the Raid Max Bug Barrier, both of these products are designed to create up to a 12 month barrier to kill and prevent creepy crawling bugs from entering our homes.  They are simply applied around the foundation of your home and/or around all entry ways, windows, baseboards.  When applied to hard surfaces, the residue barrier will last up to 12 months and keeps killing bugs as they walk across.  Once applied around your home, you will see a huge difference in the amount of bugs found in the home.  I use this product once a year in the spring on my old home that has lots of cracks and crevices for bugs to enter.  It is amazing the results!  Also, once it is dry, it is safe for kids and pets to play in the treated areas.

Apply diatomaceous earth powder in trouble areas.  Diatomaceous earth is an organic bug killer that is only available in a powder form.  When bugs walk across the powder, it sticks to them and dries the bugs out.  There is no attractant in this product, so you want to apply it as a barrier treatment and want to use it in the rooms that you are seeing bugs.  Often applied to windowsills, around baseboards, behind appliances, entryways and more.

Strongly consider ant baits if ants are the nuisance.  Ant baits work to kill the whole colony, which makes them the best solution to stopping ants.  They take about a week before the full effects are noticed, but you will go from seeing ants to not seeing any at all.  That is when you know that you got rid of the colony!  Simply place them where ants are seen and away from kids and pets.

Household pest glue boards catch bugs as they walk over.  If you have a known problem area, such as a poor sealed window, unused bathtub, or something along those lines, the glue boards could be a simple, chemical-free option to catch bugs as they enter.  Just set them out in corners, or on windowsills and near entries where bugs enter.

Thanks for reading everyone!

Derek Satterfield